Sustainable Building Engineering | 2020/2021 lessons (updates)

"Dear student, this is to remind you that lessons will start on September 21st , and they will be given certainly online, and also in the classroom if the emergency conditions, due to COVID-19 will allow us. For any further and updated news, please link to our websites or and where they are also published the timetables of lessons for the whole academic year."


Starting from the next academic year, our classes will be held also online in order to guarantee the possibility, both to enrolled students and to those who will enroll in academic year 2020-2021, to attend classes in case they will not be able to reach Italy before the beginning of the first semester.

Sapienza University of Rome, to preserve the university community’s health, is implementing protective measures issued by the Italian Health Authorities against the COVID-19. Until today services and educational activities have not been suspended.

General and updated info can be found here: