Corsi di Laurea | Degree Programmes

Ingegneria dell’Innovazione Tecnologica per l’Edilizia

Il corso di laurea intende formare una figura professionale capace di operare nell'attuale strutturazione complessa dell'edilizia in quanto modificazione del territorio in un’ottica di sostenibilità ambientale, economica e sociale, con uno specifico profilo in grado di ottimizzare l’applicazione di tecnologie innovative ed ICT a tale fine.

Sustainable Building Engineering Bachelors Degree

Starting from the 2018-2019 academic year, it is being provided the Bachelor Degree in Sustainable Building Engineering (L23 Class). This degree aims to equip students with the knowledge and the necessary skills to ensure a sustainable future both for existing buildings and for those yet to be designed and built, as the pursuit of the objective of sustainable development continues to be one of the major global priorities of our era.

 Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering Masters Degree

The Masters Degree in Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering based in Rieti aims to train professionals who, thanks to a relevant in-depth and interdisciplinary technical preparation, are able to work as  designers, production and site managers and inspectors in the civil construction sector, focusing on the sustainability of the underlying processes, both from a technological and an energy efficiency point of view and from a seismic, hydraulics, hydrogeological and environmental safety point of view.