Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering | Timetable of the 2nd semester

The second semester will start on 22nd february 2021. The lessons will be held online too.

From September 16th there will be held preparatory courses for the lessons included in the course.

Within the end of July we will publish the schedule lessons of the first semester.

View all information on the various courses here:
Course Programmes
Download the timetable of the 2nd semester:

Timetable_20.21_LM24_2s_1st YEAR 2nd semester.pdf
Timetable_20.21_LM24_2s_2nd YEAR 2nd semester.pdf

Timetable_20.21_L23_2s_1st Year 2nd semester.pdf
Timetable_20.21_L23_2s_2nd Year 2nd semester.pdf
Timetable_20.21_L23_2s_3rd Year 2nd semester.pdf