Sustainable Building Engineering | Classes suspended until March 15, 2020

According to the instructions issued by the competent authorities, regarding the coronavirus emergency, lectures and lessons at Sapienza University will be suspended until March 15, 2020. The campus and offices will remain open.

According to the instructions issued by the competent authorities (Prime Minister Decree, March 4, 2020), regarding the coronavirus emergency, curricular educational activities will be suspended until March 15, 2020.

The suspension refers to lessons and tests regarding Bachelors Programmes, Masters Programmes, single cycle Masters Programmes, Master Courses, Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses. Make-up classes could be held by prolonging the courses or through online tools. The professors in charge of the courses may organise make-up lessons and send communications to students with the University support.

Examinations and Final Degree Exams can take place abiding by the precautionary rules to avoid the contamination as reported in the following attachment. The exams must be public.

Allegato Dpcm 04.03.2020

Postgraduate courses for healthcare professionals and health workers, including specialisation programmes for medical doctors, traineeships for healthcare professionals and for students of Medicine and Surgery have not been suspended.

In case of suspension, Student- Collaboration Scholarships (150 hours) will be resumed at a later time.

University buildings, offices and services will stay open as usual, except for the University Nursery school. 

Advice on Coronavirus

Dpcm 04.03.2020 (Gazzetta Ufficiale)

Prime Minister Decree 04.03.2020 (in Italian)