All students with innovation idea from Sabina Universitas are invited to join PostVenture19 Swiss Post’s innovation programme

The fourth edition of Swiss Post's innovation programme PostVenture has started!

With PostVenture19, Swiss Post is committing itself to partnerships with young talent and entrepreneurs who want to succeed on the market with exciting business models. Because of it, we would like to invite your students to be part of our program.

What we are looking for?

We search exciting business ideas and individual that have innovative ideas, ideally not already tested on the market and are in an idea/early stage in the following eight development areas:

  • Urban Logistics
  • Digital Building
  • Smart Assistance
  • Automatic Data Processing
  • First and last mile mobility
  • Trust services
  • IoT
  • Data Economy

Why to participate?

  • Start-up financing of CHF 50,000 each (for the 10 finalists)
  • Mentoring by Swiss Post experts and the Swiss Post network
  • Active supervision by the project team
  • Visitor workplace at Swiss Post's EspaceLab
  • The intellectual property rights are retained by the participants
  • Evaluation of suitable forms of partnership beyond PostVenture19

For more information and to apply, visit our website at Applications for this batch are open until 22 September 2019 but if the students will apply till the 28th of June - they will be in the first round for evaluation.

For more information please click here: